How to Trade Penny Stocks

How to trade penny stocks is a very tricky subject. Swing traders think that penny stocks are easy, because they are cheap. But the problem penny stocks have a lot risk since they are volatile and can be easily manipulated. Some penny stocks are manipualted and can be easily identified by the sudden change in volume and price. A penny stock can easily go from $1 to $5 going from 50k volume to 10 million volume in few minutes. Although you can amake money from pennys tocks, but the risk is too much.
Most of swing traders buy pennys tocks, because they dont have enough money to buy bigger stocks. But other swing traders who have money buy them, because they like risk and get tempted by the high percentage of profits.
So penny stocks are profitable if swing traders know how to trade them. For this matter we will expose other kind of penny stocks that are slow and their trend goes for long. So these penny stocks are profitable and their trend is long. These stocks will not be detected by day traders. They are low volume.
For this matter, Djellala training level 10 how to trade penny stocks? is the ultimate training for you if you want less risk penny stocks and a way to trade them without being caught in pump and dump scheme. Please check the raining below.

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Description : This level 10 teaches you how to trade penny stocks. The risks trading penny stocks are different from normal stocks. Although we use the same strategy, but the way to calculate things should be little different. The videos will show you what we are looking for in terms of stock selection. Understand that trading penny stocks has more risk than normal stocks. You will get 15 streaming videos

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